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Having a beer and wine license is an imperative component to numerous California eateries. Family restaurants and fine dining establishments alike require a California liquor license to serve alcohol. Whether it is a full alcohol permit or a beer and wine permit, a California liquor license is crucial if your business has any intention of serving alcohol of any kind.

One of the most common types of liquor licenses for restaurants, however is the California Type 41 liquor license. The Type 41 license is specifically designated for businesses that primarily serve food. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control states that, in order to be issued a Type 41 license, your establishment must be a “bona fide eating place.” Essentially, this means that your business must generate at least 51% of all gross sales from food. Also, the food must be true, prepared food that you would find in most restaurants or cafes.

The Type 41 license is for beer and wine, and is designated as an “On-premises” license. This means that alcohol may be sold, opened and served on the premises, but may not sell closed containers to be consumed elsewhere.

If you feel that your business requires a California Type 41 license, then look no further. We can help you to obtain a Type 41 license, no matter which county in California your business is in. We can either provide assistance and consultation in applying for a license directly from the ABC, or we can assist you by brokering the purchase of your California Type 41 liquor license.

Looking to sell your California Type 41 liquor license? Our team can assist you there too! We can ensure that we find the best value for your license, while also vetting any interested buyers to ensure that they are qualified under the requirements of the ABC.

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