How To Sell a California Liquor License

How To Sell a California Liquor License

Do you own a liquor license in California that you want to sell? If you do, you should be doing more than just ensuring that you’re getting the absolute best price for it. Liquor licenses can be a rare commodity in certain counties throughout California. That’s because most counties limit the release of liquor licenses. This is why so many prospective buyers find themselves in bidding wars or waiting for certain establishments to close – even if they really want it right away – so that they can make an offer. Its this level of desperation from buyers that leads so many sellers to work with liquor license brokers. So many buyers are willing to do anything just to get a license, that some are even willing to try to cut corners – which can lead to you losing a lot of time and money as a seller. That’s why approaching the best license brokers in town, Liquor License Agents, is your best bet for not only getting the best value for your license, but also the peace of mind that you’re dealing with the right buyers.

Work with only qualified buyers

Liquor License Agents is one of the few companies that knows how to manage your license and get the right buyer for you. Many people do not realize this, but there are certain criteria that a buyer must meet in order to truly qualify for buying a California liquor license. Whenever you sell California liquor license, you should be well acquainted with these sorts of legalities, paperwork, and procedures. We understand that many business owners do not have the time to wade into the red tape involved in selling their license by themselves. This is why Liquor License Agents is there to cater all your needs when selling a liquor license in California. We are professional brokers who know the real value of liquor licenses and, more importantly, how to find qualified buyers. Above all, we are committed to providing an excellent client experience.

How to sell a California Liquor License

Working with us offers peace of mind

How we assure such an experience is simple. We run a series of qualifying checks on both seller and buyer to ensure that the sale will go smoothly. Our main concern is if the buyer in question is qualified to have a business in the first place before we begin to enter negotiations. This process helps us avoid having issues in the middle of the selling process – which is fairly common for those who sell their liquor license without the assistance of a license broker.  Again, what you have is something tremendously valuable. You must sell your California liquor license the right way with the right people.

So, if you want to sell a California liquor license, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our industry specialists will gladly take the load off you and assist you with your needs. If you aren’t convinced yet, give us a call and see for yourself why we are the leaders in this industry today.

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