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Liquor Licence Agents
Liquor Licence Agents

The process of opening a grocery store or convenience store in Los Angeles requires a lot of licensing. In addition to the typical forms of licenses you’d expect, you’ll most likely need a Los Angeles Liquor License Type 20 if you intend to sell alcohol. Type 20 licenses are designated as off-premises licenses for the sale of packaged beer and wine. This type of Los Angeles liquor license does not allow for the sale of open containers of beer or wine. Also, there is no stipulation under the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) that bars minors from being present on the premises.

The Los Angeles Liquor License Type 20 is typically issued for brick and mortar stores that sell items such as foodstuffs, in addition to beer and wine. In terms of rules for compliance, the Los Angeles Liquor License Type 20 permits the holder to sell this type of alcohol without any quota on gross sales of other items from the store, such as food. Unlike the Type 41 and Type 47 licenses, the Los Angles Type 20 liquor license is designated as an off-premises license. Beer and wine may not be sold for on-premises consumption.

Have you been searching for licensing for your business? If you feel that your business requires a Los Angeles Liquor License Type 20, then you have found the right place! We can help you to obtain a Los Angeles Liquor License Type 20, with no stress or hassle on your part. We can provide both assistance and consultation in applying for a license directly from the ABC, as well as assistance in brokering the purchase of your Los Angeles Type 20 liquor license from a seller on the open market.

Are you interested in selling your Los Angeles Type 20 liquor license? Our team can assist you there too! We can ensure that we find the best value for your license, while also vetting any interested buyers to ensure that they are qualified under the requirements of the ABC.

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